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4 reasons to choose managed mobility services for your company’s mobile fleet management

Over the years, mobile phones provided by companies to their employees have evolved from a simple way to communicate while outside of the office, to incentives in their benefit packages. Workforce efficiency, flexibility, productivity and commitment being the key to a company’s success, mobility management has become a challenge that should not be overlooked.

Managed Cloud, managed PBX, managed servers, managed connectivity, managed LAN, security or printing: why should we make an exception of mobility management?

A cost effective solution

With all corners of a company connected to the Internet, an increasing mobility of the workforce and more and more BYOD policies, an efficient and secured mobility management system can be utterly complex, thus costing a lot of resources to design, implement and maintain.

In order to avoid huge expenses and investments in soon-to-be-obsolete devices, softwares, licenses and knowledge (as in: qualified human resources), more and more companies seek a partner to take over this task for a reasonable price. And that’s the smart move! A managed mobility solution usually results in lower costs, thanks to the pooling of technical and human resources between several companies.

Simply get your mobile fleet management off your plate

Most of the time, mobile fleet management is done in addition to other tasks and missions in your IT or HR department. And, most of the time, this is not a priority.

In order to fully take this challenge off your company’s hands, a managed mobility provider should proactively offer a range of unavoidable services, from the implementation of the mobile fleet to its day-to-day management:

  1. Setup of specific-to-your-needs users’ profiles and user groups: categories of jobs (sales representatives, marketing officers, administration, managers, assistants, construction site supervisor, driver, courier, etc.), billing arrangements, cost centers, data, voice and SMS/MMS volumes, additional services or licenses, etc.,
  2. SIM chips’ life-cycle management: configuration (phone number, user name, profile, consumption alerts to the user, etc.), activation, replacement when needed (from a mini-SIM to a micro-SIM for example, when upgrading the offer with more recent phones),
  3. Consulting role for the design and building of an evolving offer (mobile devices, rate plan(s), additional services, etc.) fitting your company’s needs over time,
  4. Mobile devices represent a risk for your company’s security as they are an easy entry-point for hackers; managed mobility services, in addition to automatic updates of operating systems, integrates security measures.

Choosing the right managed mobility provider

In Luxembourg, managed mobility services are not that developed yet, but one can only expect that it soon will be. So how to choose the right partner to take care of your fleet management? By considering the following criteria:

  • The one that provides quality support for all end-users,
  • The one with a comprehensive offer (consulting/building phase, large choice of devices, adapted rate plans, support & maintenance, etc.),
  • The one that offers flexibility: different needs for your different teams,
  • The one that works with quality suppliers and state-of-the-art solutions,
  • The one with a continuous improvement of the offer,
  • The one offering SLA, guarantee & a cost optimization outline.

Of course some companies still seek self-service solutions in order to keep everything they can in-house, and that’s fine. But the fast growing demand for managed mobility services suggests that saving time, increasing in-house IT teams’ service quality and productivity while reducing costs, is not a dream any more.

Don’t look any further for your mobility management partner in Luxembourg! Contact us and ask for our presentation.

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